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Tangerine Seventeen
Tangerine Seventeen

London, 1966: A different world. A world where style kills, and a country’s security rests in the hands of perhaps the most unlikely people imaginable.

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Leslie Howarth: Spy, fashionista and first-class coward. Any more self-centred, and he’d start to rotate around his own axis. When top-secret plans are stolen, it’s up to this most unlikely of James Bond-wannabes to save the day. And save the girl, of course…

Apart from making it big in the fashion world and not having to return to sleepy Devon, Dinah Johnson doesn’t know what she wants. What she most certainly doesn’t want is to be chased halfway over London, shot at, tied up and left to the mercy of a bunch of maniacs, all for the sake of a bunch of papers a dying man thrust into her unwilling hands.

With the help of the two most incompetent spies in British history, can they prevent these papers falling into enemy hands? And can Leslie learn there’s more to life than just dressing for the part?

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Tangerine Seventeen eBook Nicola Niemc
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Tangerine Seventeen eBook Nicola Niemc
Tangerine Seventeen eBook Nicola Niemc
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Artwork by Fay Lane @

Tangerine Seventeen Artwork Fay Lan
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