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About Nicola Niemc, author

Nicola Niemc first began delving into her imagination and writing down what she saw in her teens. Gradually, she has fallen deeper and deeper into these imaginary worlds, and sometimes she wonders if she’ll ever get back to reality. Ho hum.

Nicola began writing Tangerine Seventeen in her early twenties, along with a now-abandoned tale of time-travel and sorcery (maybe, one day...). She was encouraged to continue Tangerine by a few select individuals in the office she worked in before the idea behind Addicted to Love began to take root.

She has now returned to her first love of medieval-style sorcery, with a dash of forbidden romance thrown in. Check out Between Wind and Water to find out more.

Constant doubts in her writing ability, plus a thirst for more knowledge, have recently led Nicola to enrol on an Arts and Humanities Open University course, hopefully culminating in an Open Degree, combining History, Psychology and Creative Writing. Here, she hopes to indulge and interweave her passion for medieval history, romantic fiction and Celtic fairytales.


━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━

Influences: David Bowie, for making it ok to be freaky. Robert Palmer - the inspiration behind Addicted, and the one who gave me unrealistic expectations of what a gentleman should be like. Richard Brautigan, for glass coffins, watermelon sugar and the freedom to write crazy, if that's what your mind is telling you to. Do I have a hunch about what I'm talking about? No, it's just the way my coat rides up at the back.

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