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Between Wind and Water
Between Wind and Water - a fantasy fairytale-retelling by Nicola Niemc

Book One in the Purple-Eyed Queen Series

Book One in the Purple-Eyed Queen Series

Welcome to a world where magic is feared. Where to be born with the gift of sorcery means violet eyes and a lifetime of persecution.

If you happen to be a princess cursed with such a gift, your chances of finding happiness are as wild as the waves of the seas. But it is over such hazardous waters that Breksta Vasilisa’s rescuer comes - a king who should hate magic more than most but who cannot resist the flame-haired princess.

Meška Beareval, High King of Caerlean, finds himself both saved by and saviour to the lonely young woman and, against all common sense, takes her back to his court.

Once back in Meška's kingdom, both have difficult lessons to learn. After a lifetime of abandonment and abuse, Breksta must learn how to become royal again, while Meška must come to terms with the fact that the woman he loves is capable of magic. The same magic that destroyed his life once before and is threatening to do so again.


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Between Wind and Water artwork Fay Lane

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